Gift chess set "Borodino"

Chess figures 13 to 17 cm. Porcelain, glaze, gilding, Platinum, chandeliers. Chessboard-sleeve 80 x 80 cm ložementami for shapes. An array of Karelian Birch.

The battle of Borodino, the largest battle of the Patriotic War of 1812 between the Russian and French armies. It was held on 7 September (August 26th, old style) 1812 at Borodino at 125 kilometers to the west of Moscow.

Napoleon said: "of all my battles the most terrible I gave in Moscow region. French it showed themselves worthy victory, and the Russians gained the right to be invincible... of fifty battles, I, at the battle of Moscow showed [ be French] most prowess and received the smallest success".