Gift Chess Set "Jan Sobieski"

Collection, gift of chess. Figure 15-17.5 cm. Porcelain, glaze, gilding, Platinum, chandeliers, Karelian Birch. Color solution each lot may change. Some shapes author by hand bearing the serial number of the lot. Checkerboard-sleeve 80 x 80 cm. An array of Karelian Birch. When you place an order for production of 2-2.5 months Only copyright compliance.

White King Jan III Sobessky-King of Poland. Was typical King Warrior and suffer, undefeated after he was appointed field marshal and crowned. He entered the history of Europe, such as war, winner of the inhabitants of the city, the Crimean Tatars and Turks, was able to finally stop Ottoman expansion in Europe and to push the boundaries of Poland to the Black Sea. Jan III Sobesskij was the last of the great kings of Rzecz pospolita. Philanthropist and Builder of luxury castles, it made shine Polish culture throughout Europe.