New era - our contemporaries

Creating this new collection batch the inspirer and producer Mikhail Travkin and the sculptor Leonid Golovko placed on the chessboard instead of historical figures our contemporaries – those who are considered to be the leaders. These are not only politicians, but also significant oppositionists, businessmen, representing financial success.
“New era” is a special limited edition (32 numbered copies); and one more batch is in the Moscow Museum of chess in Gogol Boulevard.

Black side of the chessboard: Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, Igor Sechin, Arkady Dvorkovich, Sergei Ivanov, Igor Shuvalov, Alexei Kudrin, Yury Trutnev, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Gennady Zyuganov, Herman Gref, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Silvio Berlusconi, Mikhail Travkin.
White side of the chessboard: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, , Angela Merkel, Petro Poroshenko, François Hollande, Julia Tymoshenko, Boris Johnson, Alexei Navalny, Ksenia Sobchak, Alexei Venediktov, Yevgeny Chichvarkin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Pavel Durov, John McCain, Galina Timchenko.

Material: Porcelain.

Covered with: gold, platinum, glaze, chrome-plated spraying.

Piece's height: 21 cm.

Chessboard material: Karelian birch.

Chessboard size: 66 x 66 cm.

Price, terms and delievery options: Timing depends on the workload of the studio at the moment. Approximately 2-3 month + couple of weeks for delievery (depends on the regio. We will do our best to find a way to deliever our chess sets to your place). Price is discussed individually and in advance. At the moment we are not accepting orders. Till the end of 2018 year website will start to work as an internet-store and that will be an option to place an order. By the phone numbers indicated on the website you can recieve the information about the author and talk about the collboration. We will help you to choose the chess-set for placing an order in the next year. 


Chess trains the tendency toward independent thinking, and therefore they should not be encouraged.
Frederick The Great
Such absurd mistakes are made by those who do not know how to play chess.
Ibn Miskawayh
I respect only those who fight with me, but I do not intend to stand them. It’s like playing chess.
Charles de Holly