Leonid Golovko is Byelorussian sculptor who creates porcelain sculptures and chess collections since 1991.

Unique feature of the studio is first of all the idea: chess collections made from porcelain.

And the second is that the Artist places real historical figures like Napoleon, Catherine the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Jan III Sobieski and even Presidents Putin and Trump on the chess board and he illustrates an era or event as close to the reality as possible, including costumes, life story of the personality and character. He uses unique tecniques of glazing his sculptures ans makes Artworks very detailed.

Fine porcelain together with high-quality under glazed colors and gold are used on his Artworks.

Leonid Golovko has more than 30 years’ experience of sculpting and he was one of the last students of great soviet artist Zair Azgur.

Since 1991 Leonid and his studio participate in exhibitions in Moscow, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam, Leipzig, Elista, Dubai, Berlin, Washington, Warsaw, Krakow, Rostov-on-Don, Prague.

Amount the owners of GOLOVKO handcrafted porcelain there are famous Hollywood actor Chuck Norris, Russian former president D.Medvedev, Johan Tinti, grandmaster Kasparov, Joseph "Sepp" Blatter and others.

All the chess collections are limited with 10-25 copies for the whole world.

His works are placed in many galleries in the world, private collections of the most outstanding figures of a politics, business and culture. Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.