The Battle of Borodino

Unique handmade chess Borodino from porcelain. It’s possible to order handmade Borodino chess collection and can be delivered worldwide. Created by hand by famous sculptor Leonid Golovko. Copyrighted chess Borodino, perhaps - this is what you are looking for. We have been creating chess from porcelain for almost 30 years. Amoung Golovko’s studio porcelain chess owners there are prominent figures of politics and culture, chess collectors and just amateurs who wants to surprise guests with their chic interior details. After all, chess pieces from porcelain are not just elements of the game, they are an object of art and a wonderful valuable gift for your loved ones, partners, colleagues and even for the head of state! On the chess board you can see not only Napoleon Bonaparte but other people who took participation in Borodino battle

The Battle of Borodino, fought on September 7, 1812, was the largest and bloodiest single-day action of the French invasion of Russia and all Napoleonic Wars, involving more than 250,000 troops and resulting in at least 70,000 casualties.

Material: Porcelain.

Covered with: gold, platinum, glaze, chrome-plated spraying.

Piece's height: 21 cm.

Chessboard material: Karelian birch.

Chessboard size: 66 x 66 cm.

Price: 4320 euro (12 160 BYN)

Handcrafted work. The colors of the finished product may  be slightly different from the colors of  the pictures on the website.

To order please contact our agent Julia by what’s app +491704460473