The Isle of Lewis Chess is a set of 78 chess pieces from the Middle Ages. The material for most of them was walrus tusk, and the rest are made of whale teeth. The figures, along with 14 backgammon checkers and a belt buckle, were discovered in 1831 on the Scottish Isle of Lewis.

Currently, 11 chess pieces are in the National Museum of Scotland, the remaining 82 items (including checkers and a buckle) are in the British Museum.

Based on an analysis of the style of carving and clothing/equipment of the figure-characters, the time of manufacture is considered to be between 1150 and 1200 years.

Golovko studio presents the author's replica of Lewis Island Chess. Porcelain figures are arranged on a board made of hornbeam and American walnut. Such chess can be used not only for playing - they will be a wonderful gift and an unusual interior decoration.

Material: Porcelain.

Covered with: Glaze.

King Height: 13 cm.

Chessboard material: Solid hornbeam and American walnut.

Chessboard size: 66 x 66 cm.

Handcrafted work. The colors of the finished product may  be slightly different from the colors of  the pictures on the website.

To order please contact our agent Julia by what’s app +491704460473